hey take it right down…

So I bought some new speakers. This is where I am supposed to regale you all with stats and numbers etc. They sound pretty good for some reasonably priced bookshelf speakers and damn they are heavy 15lbs each. My wife is complaining because they are larger than the old Bose stereo speakers we had for so long. She says she preferred the way things where getting smaller for a time.

Anyway I’m pretty happy with my middle of the road speakers. They get plenty loud. I can hear all sorts of things I used to miss out on but that’s probably novelty value as years of heavy metal, punk and Hawkwind concerts have made sure that my ability to hear things clearly is gone. Not to forget the folk music.

So I’m happy with them and they don’t mysteriously go silent like the Bose system when I’m getting all lost in the music man. This is the only reason for the purchase otherwise why get rid of a perfectly serviceable system?

This is what I played tonight. To as they say break them in.

Im sure there’s better but I for sure know there’s worse.

7 thoughts on “hey take it right down…

  1. jprobichaud

    I would say that’s an excellent way to break in the speakers. So much going on in his music that might get lost in a lesser set of speakers. I bet it was a rediscovery of sorts.

  2. Happy New Speaker Day! Definitely wait til it’s necessary, but when it’s time for new, go for it! I’m still rocking my old PSB floor speakers, and I am really really hoping they last forever as they’re stellar. We’ll see!

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