Douglas In The Jungle

It’s been awhile since I wrote about reading although there has been a lot of it going on.

Since the voyage to England I have been immersing myself in Rob Youngs Electric Eden. This has also involved downloading vast amounts of obscure music from the 70’s. I had no idea there was such a genre as prog-folk. In fact as I write this I am listening to Bill Fay, a strange songwriter from the weird end of the early 70’s. He is no John Martyn but definitely has a message.

It’s a great book if you like your music a little twisted.

 The latest George R.R. Martin has also been ongoing, after waiting so long to read this though it has been a bit disappointing. I may actually be the only person who feels this way but I find myself wishing the story would just move along. In fact I had to abandon the book for awhile I plan on going back to it in November when it is dark and gloomy and I’m ready for a long epic fantasy.






Tau Zero was the next book and it is really a worthwhile read. It is hard science fiction although the characters are definitely human as they overcome immense odds to survive. The scope of this short novel is enormous it is a grand idea seen through to it’s conclusion.

The hero in Reymont is not automatically like able, it is his desire to survive that forces his crew members to step outside themselves and work so hard. He is totally ruthless in his desire to keep going, manipulating, bullying and cajoling his crewmates on.