Englishman living in Oregon for the last 2o+yrs. With a beloved wife and three sons, two of them are adults.

There is probably a lot more to it than that. I started this to document my attempt at reading all those science fiction books and the top 100 from some list or other. I found I didn’t agree with the lists though although I still compile them and read science fiction.

Then it was posting about life and travels which still happens.

I began my fiftieth year on this planet and realized that while I was still listening to music I was not engaging with it. This coincided with finding a record player for my son and giving him my albums, this may have been a mistake. I then began a rediscovery of music through vinyl, taking the time to sit down and listen to a record, stand up and turn the disc over. I also managed to appeal to my collecting obsession so here I am in my fiftieth year listening to the music of my youth, digging at thrift stores looking for gems and buying new records for the first time in twenty plus years.

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