Gone, Gone, Gone.

Well the day finally arrived and he is off to school. I know it’s not the end of the world and it really is a mix of excitement and fear but it’s still a truly momentous occasion especially when you realize that I have not come to terms with growing up yet at my age.

He really has put up with so much from both of us over the last couple of weeks.

Good luck Tom we will all be thinking about you.

Now Be Thankful

Three weeks in the UK with parents and friends was as hectic as you may expect, Thomas saw the world from the back of a very small car. This for me was a very special time for me with my eldest son, a real bonding experience and when you really only have each other there is not much more to do than get along.

I learned that not only do I love my son but I also like him a lot as a friend. As he goes on to university on Sunday I really look forward to a deepening relationship as adults. Good luck Tom and thanks for a wonderful three weeks.