Ain’t got nothing but love babe…

Estate sales they really are a thing and sometimes you can fill a gap.

No surprises here. 27 #1s apparently. I can’t figure out the way the decision was made no matter how often I read the Wikipedia entry.

It is however a body of work, or at least part of the body.

they just play it like that…

So sometimes just to feel better it’s good to not put on the tv and play The Beatles. Especially the Yellow Submarine Songtrack.

There something about Beatles compilations. It distorts the view of the band and it’s output when your faced with nothing but classics. Of course maybe that’s all there is classics.

I grew up on Saturday reruns of The Beatles cartoon and my mum singing along to songs that were often written before I was born. Although in my opinion the better songs were written after my birth. This obviously means I am responsible for the change in direction the Beatles took in the second half of the 60s. Just saying.

Yes I found this in the estate sale as well.

I can feel…

I went to an estate sale. The tough bit is that usually means something tragic has happened to someone. I only stopped for a moment as I was supposed to be somewhere else.

Anyway they had a bunch of Moon Duo and Wooden Shjips records sitting around with a lot of other things I wanted to buy. They were a fair price so I bought what I could which was limited by the amount of cash I had on me.

I made my choices entirely on the basis of the covers I liked. There were other records but limited resources meant decisions had to be made and I’ve learned not to get the card out as it’s easy to go too far. Almost like buying records in the old days.

I went back later with more money, I have not learned to avoid the atm and some dealer had bought all the records. So it goes.

So now I’m delving into the world of Moon Duo. And it’s a good world. With funky grooves and meandering solos squawks and motorik beats man.

They lock in and keep going like Status Quo when they were good.

Such pretty album covers as well.

That’s a super garish green to even things out.

I’m also considering all these things I keep buying and wondering what will happen to them when I’m gone. Who’s gonna listen to all this crap I’ve collected? Maybe one of my kids will start a blog, playing my dads shitty records. I’d follow it.

This is what happens when I go to estate sales I get all maudlin.

Back to Moon Duo. I have no idea what they are singing about but it’s a glorious noise. It makes me happy. All style and maybe some substance I just can’t tell from the lyrics.

Every now and then I catch a phrase. A word.

I think I like it that way.

Enough connection with some mystery still existing. It’s catchy as all hell and I can see myself singing along with all the wrong lyrics at a gig.

I was going to Google the lyrics but decided it was better not to know.

some see but I don’t see…

Moon Duo Mazes. It’s like the bastard child of Can, Hawkwind and Chuck Berry.

There’s a groove that could never end. A riff. It’s the essence of jam band music, not that Phish or Allman Bros noodling but head down locked in the groove chugging like a freight train pulling a load uphill. Forget the lyrics and just groove.