Bright lights big city

Well it’s London what do you expect, riots.
No we saw no riots or unrest or burned out hulks if buildings, just one of the most vibrant cities on the planet, and I don’t like cities.
Well three days can be a long time when you walk for ten hours a day but there really is a lot to fit in, the London eye, dinner at the hard rock cafe, the London dungeon, and then Alls Well That Ends Well at the globe.






Get back to the country

Well I guess some of us have spiritual homes after all, I don’t mean to gush but there really is something about that field in Oxfordshire. Cropredy is one of those places that going back to feels like going home. Three days of music in a field with like minded people. Te original festival was more like being invited to your friends party. It is a little more organized now but not too much more. the defining reason for the festival is Fairport Convention not some pseudo mystical reason, it’s a festival about music, there are those who miss this but they are poorer for it.

There I’d however a point during Meet On The ledge when 20000 people sing as one an regardless of riots and other diversions all is right with the world



Civil unrest

Well there are riots going on and we leave for London in 4 days after cropredy. Hopefully the goby will have returned the world to order.

Castles, castles and more castles



Then there was Portmeirion were the numbers shall prevail or maybe the human beings.



Then on to Aberdaron and memories of youth and sharing memories with Tom.



More castles.





Have you ever watched magical mystery tour. They really happen a whole bunch of old folks heading out to parts unknown or north Wales to drink tea, eat fish and chips, sing on the bus have a raffle and play bingo. It’s a surreal and wonderful experience. Today’s cast include the multi lingual labour counselor the half blind old lady both Maureen’s Angela and my parents trapped on a bus for an hour and a half with one CD of cover songs performed by an Irish country musician, this was obviously a CD that contained the entire busses repertoire of singalong songs.






So eventually the whole charrabang ends up in Wales were tea drinking and fish and chips ensued.
The fun of hanging out with my parents and their friends cannot be truly explained. They are group who really know how to have a good time, I have seldom experienced so much fun and affection this is truly a group of people who care for each other deeply.



The days that used to be

An eighteen year old who would have thought, but we all get older eventually.
So off to the fake Cavern, it used to be next door not were they placed the tourist trap. Half an hour of bad music and guiness in a plastic glass. None for dad the antibiotics won’t allow and then off to a real pub the Swan Inn. Scene of many an evening, afternoon, and on Sunday’s breakfast of my youth.
Still the only pub with Hawkwind on the juke box regularly but Paul could not off hand remember the number for Ace of Spades.
Yes we could have stayed longer, yes we could have gone on but some moments are perfect in themselves, anyway we have to get up early to go to llandudno with the pensioners. Too much fun






Going up the pool

I know it is Blackpool in the song but Liverpool is the pool too.
Spent the day in liverpool with my parents a very full day with Wetherspoons being the preferred food and then memory of the horrors of the family restaurant. Sniffer dogs the Beatles story and ferry ‘cross the Mersey. All in all a good day. Today is back to Liverpool and the slavery museum big wheels and china town, what is it with port cities and china towns.