I have dined in palaces…

This week may have been all about the groove or not being in it.

Just a little out of sync with the country, getting those political blues. A bit distraught.

The big post is coming, however I have rediscovered my love for Little Feat. I have no idea if their history other than Lowell George was with Zappa for awhile. Some classify them as southern rock but that seems a little limited as they far surpass Skynyrd and their ilk in creativity.

Most importantly they groove as I try to find mine. They hit the danceable sweet spot the seedy side of the street as well as the softer side of life.

Who doesn’t love a good accordion based record cover design.

I’m waiting for something to take place…

I have a longer post in me one of these days. It’s burbling away in the inner recesses of my noggin. It involves revelations so deep and meaningful that the very foundations of QAnon will be shaken to there roots, it involves Pink Floyd the daily commute native flora and the increase in the cost of living. I was woken from a dream with this revelation and have been trying to get it written down for awhile.

Until that happens however I just wanted to acknowledge that Little Feat are perhaps the funkiest band that I’ve been listening to this week.

I’d actually forgotten how great they were. Like Zappa hooked up with Steely Dan and the Grateful Dead for an afternoon with Sly Stone. I’ve been bopping to this all evening in a middle aged white guy dad dancing Dr Funkenstein kind of way. I am concerned about the outcome imminent if it really is so easy to slip.

Until next time have a great weekend.

been on this job too long…

There’s nothing better in this world than the authentically inauthentic sound of a bunch of California hippies pretending to be a country band. There’s something so psychedelic in the sounds created by the pedal steel guitar and banjo on a Thursday evening.

Actually what saves the strangeness of country rock in the form of the New Riders of the Purple Sage is the songwriting, the musicianship and the tongue in cheek nature of their early albums before they thought they were a real country band.

So put on your Nudie suit and get down to the Country and Rockin sounds of the New Riders. Just don’t take it and yourself too seriously. Guests include Nicky Hopkins, Jerry Garcia and Bill Kreutzman so it must be good.