Back To The Stones

Well a very busy five days or so. Started with the crazy tour of Liverpool, Beatles, slavery and socialism. A city that has given so much to the world. It’s a very different city than the one I left twenty years ago as it was in the throes of depression caused by dear old Maggie and her crippling economic policies. The disparity between north and south is still obvious as I type this on my phone in Oxfordshire.




My kids are having a great time getting back to their roots. As always on this trip there is the voyage to llandudno and the ascent of the great Orme on the tram, there are only three of this type still functioning, the others are in San Francisco and Lisbon way more exotic than llandudno. My parents are also enjoying their grandchildren.


Then on to the road trip first stop Nottingham


Not as exciting as you might think although the Merry Men showed up

Then back across country as we realized Nottingham and the East Midlands was a mistake. Glastonbury was its usual corporate hippydom and strange spirituality, one of my retirement plans is to move to Glastonbury and form a spiritual movement. The Tor is beautiful though


Stonehenge was as usual impressive

However the real star of the show is woodhenge, not only is it on the GPS which Stonehenge is not you can wonder amongst the concrete pillars.


Avebury and Silbury hill are astounding the magnitude if what man created here is still awe inspiring, there is also less mysticism and more archeology which is helpful,

Silbury hill is just so large it is mind boggling, yes I know it’s a big pile of dirt but such a big pile .

And then there is Avebury, a massive Neolithic site, the entire town is surrounded by stones


And then on to the Uffington white horse, famed even before it was used in the XTC album cover in the days of vinyl, a nice hike along the bridle way to see the horse, it’s hard to imagine how this thing has been here so long, it is so delicate and fragile when you get up close and required what must amount to constant attention to maintain, it’s also really hard to get a picture.


It is a beautiful stylized rendition o a horse and has been there for centuries, they were adding chalk as we were there amazing that it is just placed there not pounded in or fixed in any way, just broken up to the right size.
About this time we figured that Brighton was not happening, things are so close together but so time consuming to get too.
Off to the Roll Right Stones, this was an adventure to find and only by the good grace of a wrong turn did we find them.



There they are with
Mystical beam of light descending from on high, also with strange pagan figure found at the sight.

Upside Down

It’s been long two days. Fighting the jet lag which is almost over and being out and about.
So off to York for the day, Vikings and steam trains and York Minster which is none of the most beautiful churches.




It really is a beautiful city and the railway museum is fascinating. Speed records used to be set by trains with names like the Flying Scotsman or Mallard now they are set by electric train 9100 etc. the romance of steam is gone and our lives are poorer because of it.
Also when I look at these massive machines held together by rivets with their imperfections and human marks all over them I can’t help but think that we lost a lot of our humanity when we started concentrating on perfection. New machines have no blemishes and clean lines, they also have no character. I remember thinking that when I looked at the Apollo module at OMSI with its rivets and switches. How much courage did it take to climb into those machines and hurtle through space or along the rails?