will I run out of control tonight…

I have written five posts and left them in the drafts section.

I have had trouble sleeping and waking and concentrating.

It’s at that point when you are rummaging around in a box behind the couch late at night that you find the E.P. The High Road by Roxy Music, bought because the version of Like A Hurricane was the very first time I heard the song. Later on I heard Live Rust and Weld and the song took on another importance but that’s a different post.

Recorded on the Avalon tour it is what you expect from Roxy Music at this stage, smooth and accomplished and sexy. Bryan Ferry is that guy at the bar everyone loves to hate as he always looks good, his silk scarf draped around his shoulders with his bespoke suit falling just so over his slinky hips. He’s a little detestable, then you find out his love for Dylan and you realize he wrote most of those wacked out Roxy songs and all is forgiven, also who has the audacity to cover Like A Hurricane?

There is also something refreshingly working class that it was recorded at the Apollo Theater in Glasgow. Andy Mackay also blows up a storm during the instrumental section of My Only Love.

Now lets be honest this is not the greatest cover of Like A Hurricane, it’s as if Pink Floyd got a hold of the song and suddenly went semi-reggae at times with the suavest man on hand to sing. It’s all a little jolly at times as well, very disconcerting. It does however work.