another picture, must be another day…

New boot day, have to break ‘em in and scuff ‘em up now they are all waterproofed.

In honor of new boots I have been playing William Eliot Whitmore and his down home Iowa folky country music, “don’t you mess with peoples reality.”

I’m not sure the added digital download is a selling point in the era of streaming.

Syds impressed though he’s a country dog.

There’s something totally awesome in the glow of the Christmas lights, it’s quiet now the youngest has gone.

it’s a very very long song…

It’s been a recurring theme my struggles with my adopted country. It got more pronounced and at times ridiculous in my at times over reactive ramblings during the great tumpeteers rule.

I think it’s mostly the unwillingness to confront the underlying issues that have plagued this country. Whether it’s racism, classism or any of the other isms that pervade existence in the world but particularly in the good ole US of A. There’s a duality going on.

I guess that’s what’s drawn me these weeks to The Drive By Truckers and their particular brand of down-home Rockin’ and a Rollin’. As a band they are not afraid to address the hypocrisy of this life we live. The later albums have become more acoustic and directed at the problems of life, the earlier albums are more about surviving life, maybe it all amounts to the same thing at the end of the day.

So to Southern Rock Opera. The bands third album and a fine double album of foot on the monitor guitar rock. Covering all things rock from AC/DC to Skynyrd via Neil Young and Blue Oyster Cult along with the duality of the southern thing.

I’ve been sitting at home, driving around and dancing around to this all week, it’s pretty good but I think they’ve done better although this is consistently fun all the way through.

waving your banner all over the place…

I have this strange relationship with Queen. I enjoy their excesses, their pop sensibility and the surprise of their explosive heavy metal tendencies. Then every now and then particularly at sporting events in the USA I regret their anthemic abilities.

Sometimes I think I would walk a million miles to avoid We Will Rock You until I was faced once again with the glorious opening of Live Killers. Three minutes or so of heavy rock that once again proved Freddy and the boys could rock, would rock and should rock you.

shitty pic but I like it

The rest of the album is pretty good too.