I make no excuses for my love of Ozric Tentacles.

If you have a need to drift off in a fugue state for a period of time and relax then there can be no better band, all of the pleasant elements of Hillage, Gong, Here and Now and Hawkwind rolled into a slightly relaxed state, undemanding and yet edgily pleasant. Also guaranteed to annoy your parents if need be.

This album was the first time I ever got a nod of acceptance, not respect, you had to be edgier than this for that, in Probe records, it may have been the last time.

Four years later I was sat on the floor of my home in South East Portland playing this in the early summer evening. The windows and doors were open to hopefully alleviate the heat. Suddenly from the neighbors yard there was a yell of “turn that shit off and play some Grand Funk Railroad!!!” This was the moment I think I realized I was in another land.

The frogs are back.

Yes it’s night time.

2 thoughts on “erpology…

  1. I’m more of a Jurassic Shift dude myself (great reissue a couple of years back) but I like these guys an awful lot. I think they may have inhaled at some point.

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