now I’m here on my bike again…

RSD or Record Store Day is a bit of a joke most of the time. Too many colored versions of records we probably have or three copies of the record we want only released in Bolivia playing at 78RPM and pressed on shellac. They will all three of them turn up on Discogs or Ebay for the price of a small island in the Pacific.

Gone are the days when a band would take off to the thrift store, buy a bunch of kids instruments and some dodgy casio keyboards and make an E.P. as we used to call them.

The Blitzen Trapper Kids Album is such a novelty. 5 tracks at 45RPM on a 10 inch record, it sound more like Can than Disney. Five quirky songs that document spelling bees, children’s stories and chopper bikes, what is not to love about the whole concept and it will make you dance.

No it wasn’t $16.99 either as that would stretch the pocket money way too far.

They can do it live too:

6 thoughts on “now I’m here on my bike again…

  1. By now I have kind of given up on RSD. It’s gotten away from its original intent of drawing folks to local shoppes to support them, and into just another opportunity to press and sell records in limited numbers to those lucky enough to be at the front of the line. I blame the labels smelling cash.

    1. Occasionally you get smaller bands who use it for its original intent. Blitzen Trapper have always done a good job with their releases and appear to use it as a way of getting fans stuff they otherwise would not see rereleased, of course they will have little for the super deluxe versions in ten years.

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