Don’t fence me in…

Building fences and gates and other stuff.

Every now and then Syd the dog takes a run up the road to the neighbors house, they give him a snack and he comes back, pretty innocuous apart from the fear of the idiots driving on a country road at 90 miles an hour. Added to this list is the person who pepper sprayed the poor dog in the eyes because he had been bitten once by another dog, a sign of aggression would be one thing but the big lolloping idiot that is Syd is hardly fear inducing. I get it he has no idea that the Syd dog is friendly and will leave him alone. I am just a bit fried by it.

So we built a fence, we were going to anyway but the importance became higher on the agenda.

First of all we had to rent a cool tool as digging those hoes by hand was a joke.


There were 24 holes to dig and this made it so that they were all done apart from the corners in four hours, hours of back breaking work avoided although it was a little tough to run for a long time good job there were three of us I say.


Concrete got mixed and posts leveled etc. all very proffesional.


This is not an OSHA approved cutting technique.


Somewhere in all that is a string line being used. Very exciting.


I am not sure if this was necessary but who doesn’t want to hit things with a sledgehammer.


As always tractors were involved.


Gates were added. It’s not a perfect answer and I bet Syd could get out if he really wanted to but it’s something. It is important to know that there are three generations working on this.

I think I just blew my entire budget for fencing the garden in this year to stop the deer having a buffet in our yard.

An added bonus is this was completed just as the whole pandemic world blew up in our face so we have an added barrier to increase the social distancing defense.

The important thing is that Syd is fenced in.



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