Lefting and then Righting It’s not a crime you know…

Twelve months on June 19th apparently, making the effort to move. Trials and tribulations and permits and contractors and the weather have held things up, and maybe taking the cheapest bid as well.

There apparently is only two weeks to go, until the big move day, or at least until we can apply for the occupancy permit. In that time there needs to be a well dug, the septic system finished and everything else essential to modern living attached, otherwise known as getting attached to the internets.

We went out there last week and slaughtered a virgin to the septic gods, demanding that they provide receptacles for our refuse. The county permitting office was sprinkled with the fresh blood of the lamb and we made curry with the rest. The very next day a hole appeared:

IMG_0293The very next day the rain gods laughed at us and the hole filled with water:

IMG_0294Confusion as then nothing happened maybe this is our new swim pool.



Not done yet:


300 feet later:


Thats the end of the line, as usual the entire septic world went quiet for a while. Until miraculously last week:



This week the pipes arrived and excitement filled the air:


So after several sacrificial blood lettings we allegedly have somewhere to go, it has been a magical journey from hole in the ground to several large concrete containers with UV disinfectors and 300 feet of pipe to the drain field in the woods. There are pumps and flashing lights that will give you a headache one day.

Next week the well gets drilled and maybe we can move in one day soon, Shawn the contractor and Billy the foreman assure us this will happen the 1st of August. The permitting gods will have to be appeased though so we will see what happens.

I will fulfill my dream of living in a trailer at the edge of town. Of course it is a high tech super trailer with plenty of space.



Puppies, coffee and whole grains…

It’s been an odd couple of weeks, it’s been almost a month since I last wrote anything and 7 years on wordpress.

Anyway a little taste of our lives for the last few weeks/months.

First up we are finally getting ready to be done with the beginning of our big moving project, but as Shawn the Builder says that’s just the start of the fun and games. Here’s Mrs Timeweleft standing on a pile of dirt and there is a foundation of sorts.


Next up puppies who doesn’t love puppies:


In an effort to create a more healthy lifestyle as I get back to the country I have been making my own muesli, it’s easy and delicious and oh so filling.


Maybe a forbearer of future posts, thats an awful lot of Klaus I just found.


we can all tune in together to light and love and laughter in the end…

It’s been a few weeks of adjustment. New watch and all it brings and some other stuff that is percolating in my mind.

Things are moving along though, although a tree fell in the forest.


Well not so much the forest as into the creek. This does however leave a great vantage point to spot the encroaching clouds/interlopers and other malcontents. I feel a real root ball art project approaching.

The attempt to get back to the country has been delayed by retiring planners at the county and the manufacturer of the home deciding to make the dining room too small, the kitchen too big and putting the sliding door in the wrong place. All of which resulted in some tense phone calls, driving several hundred miles to show them where these things should be along with the approved plans that were sent to them months ago.

Suddenly things have gone very quiet and it looks like we may actually have some movement, the slash piles are being burnt, there are stakes in the ground were the house will be, the well digger is booked and the permit for the septic system exists. All we have to do is manage to keep within the stated setbacks and all should be well in a month or two.

I see in my future much chainsaw work and fighting with blackberry bushes.

This weekend we went out there to tramp around again, the snow has stopped, the rain let up for awhile and it was beautiful.

We discovered the inimitable power of the trees, and were surprised at it’s source. Cedar has seldom been so powerful.

IMG_8051 2

The other week we experienced some snow which as usual caused the usual fear mongering in the Portland metro area, it was however incredibly beautiful out here in the foothills.


I have to make it clear the co-pilot took the pictures about now.


I toyed with the idea of starting a new blog for this stuff but as I have never really had a clear or consistent idea of what this should be I figured what the hell.

With any luck we should be moving pretty soon, seems like I have been saying that for a long time. I have been fighting the need to pack the records up but we are I believe getting close to that inevitable time.

Hopefully we will move so that I can plant some veggies as it’s been three or so years since we managed to have a garden of any sort, even if we don’t there will be blackberries.

I’m wasted and I can’t find my way home…

Siting here in the limbo of paying rent and a mortgage simultaneously the only sane thing to do is buy some more records. Many of the usual outlets, discogs, Amazon and eBay are out of reach as frankly I have no cash.

The answer obviously is the charity/thrift shop. The delights of the record pile in the thrift store are few and far between. Hidden amongst the Streisand and Manilow was this familiar gem.


Let’s be honest this looks like a bunch of amateurs hanging out in their mothers basement rather than the super group it really was. A wonderfully low-tech album sleeve in replacement of the less acceptable original cover.

The sleeve looks as if it has been used as a floor mat and there was an unsavory look to the vinyl. This really was a desperation buy on some level. Everything cleaned up well. I did apply judicious use of disinfectant to the cover wondering what toxic germs I may be bringing home.

This is the first time I have ever heard this album, I have overcome many of my Clapton biases over the years, even going to see him live once, which was enjoyable if not awe inspiring.

So I have decided to look on this as a Hawkwind, Spencer Davis Group, Family and John Mayall Bluesbreakers off-shoot album.

I am not one for lists and am not good at keeping to a yearly theme so we will see what this year brings. Probably a lot of thrift store shopping, the leftovers of the obsessive collectors who have the leisure time to get there at opening.

There is also our big construction project going on, over the last six months we have been working on moving to ten acres we bought. This is a strange experience waiting for the county to approve septic systems, wells etc. The biggest challenge right now is the house has to be 70 feet form the creek, 10 feet from the neighbors property line and 3o feet from the road. This seems easy but our place is zoned forest and we have 1 acre to fit things like a house on. It’s a puzzle as Shawn the builder says but we will overcome.

we live in a trailer on the edge of town…

25311006_10213168422518814_919780188021974251_oIt’s been a trial but Christmas is here and the county finally came through and approved our septic system placement. This may just about be the best Christmas present ever.

Things have been held up for almost six months on finally getting our stuff together in the country, Shawn the builder has been very patient with us asking questions every week and Phil the money man has been almost as patient as we tell him don’t worry it is going to work out.

So finally now we know were all the shit is going they can now start with all the cool stuff like digging a well and laying foundation for the house or as I like to say trailer.

Anyway I hope you all have a great day/week. Happy whatever you do and be good to each other.

across these acres glistening, like dew on a carpet lawn…

It’s a little overwhelming but it looks like we will be successful in buying 10 acres. Damn that’s a lot of land, two creeks and big wooded hill.  It’s like being given the opportunity to buy a park.


I am having a hard time taking all of this in right now. Not to mention that there goes the buying of records for awhile/week maybe.

All we have to do now is clear some land, dig a well, build a house or trailer and raise some goats and tomatoes. Maybe I need to buy some guns as well

This has all the potential of the Good Life gone wrong, the townie moves to the country and gets overwhelmed and sinks into the sunset sweaty of brow and hard up. Of course I don’t necessarily want a farm just some privacy and space and it will work out cheaper than buying a house already built so why not. I also scoped the fiber optic cable on the property line so hopefully I will be able to youtube that video on how to do stuff that has become the way of the world.

To celebrate this insanity I am playing the awe inspiring Heavy Horses by Jethro Tull. One of the trilogy of folk-rock that Mr Anderson brought to us as the 70’s and their promise faded to the 80’s and it’s different type of excess and the complete destruction of Metallica as metal virtuosos.


This has got me thinking of the neo-hippie bucolic existence I am hoping for in the Cascade foothills. I am feeling the need for a kaftan and incense and peppermints in the air. Maybe I’ll get back to the country like Traffic or just go stir crazy at the sight of the stars without light pollution and the silence.

Maybe I will grow things in the hidden back pasture that should stay in the hidden back pasture. Maybe there will be strange found objects in the copse and a real honest to goodness follow appearing on a hillock. For sure there will be a tractor a Clydesdale just seems like a little too much of a skill based mechanism to manage as I get back to the country.

In all honesty it will be vegetables and goats and dogs in the happy valley, and outdoor speakers for the tunes in the woods. I


I’m living in a dream land…

I read Bruce at Vinyl Connections D&D post the other day, it’s here:


Next thing I knew I was hip deep in gore attempting to rescue the blacksmiths daughter from the goblins as they sacrificed her to the horribleness below. Well it wasn’t exactly the next thing but Sunday afternoon as we drove the backroads searching for the new homestead we got the call, “come home we need two more for the dungeon.” So there I was an intelligence challenged barbarian hacking his way through the mess a 22 year old can create in his mind after a steady diet of Moorcock, Tolkien and Gaiman with a healthy dose of Star Trek thrown in for good measure.

The amusing thing was my wife had been living out her own elvish fantasies as we trudged through the woods, a promising 10 acres off the beaten track. She found the sunny dell by the creek and the wooded copse held all sorts of plans for the future.

Getting lost on the way back in the dreaded berry bushes as we failed to remember our route up the hill left me bloody and beaten.

All of which will undoubtedly result in the dreaded offers and counter offers that all property deals end up as, not to mention where the septic system will go and how deep does the well have to be questions. Which means that the battles ahead have nothing to compare to the skull crushing and slicing and dicing that we went through on our return home after the attempt to find the property markers, fording two creeks and climbing the hill to the copse.