I’m wasted and I can’t find my way home…

Siting here in the limbo of paying rent and a mortgage simultaneously the only sane thing to do is buy some more records. Many of the usual outlets, discogs, Amazon and eBay are out of reach as frankly I have no cash.

The answer obviously is the charity/thrift shop. The delights of the record pile in the thrift store are few and far between. Hidden amongst the Streisand and Manilow was this familiar gem.


Let’s be honest this looks like a bunch of amateurs hanging out in their mothers basement rather than the super group it really was. A wonderfully low-tech album sleeve in replacement of the less acceptable original cover.

The sleeve looks as if it has been used as a floor mat and there was an unsavory look to the vinyl. This really was a desperation buy on some level. Everything cleaned up well. I did apply judicious use of disinfectant to the cover wondering what toxic germs I may be bringing home.

This is the first time I have ever heard this album, I have overcome many of my Clapton biases over the years, even going to see him live once, which was enjoyable if not awe inspiring.

So I have decided to look on this as a Hawkwind, Spencer Davis Group, Family and John Mayall Bluesbreakers off-shoot album.

I am not one for lists and am not good at keeping to a yearly theme so we will see what this year brings. Probably a lot of thrift store shopping, the leftovers of the obsessive collectors who have the leisure time to get there at opening.

There is also our big construction project going on, over the last six months we have been working on moving to ten acres we bought. This is a strange experience waiting for the county to approve septic systems, wells etc. The biggest challenge right now is the house has to be 70 feet form the creek, 10 feet from the neighbors property line and 3o feet from the road. This seems easy but our place is zoned forest and we have 1 acre to fit things like a house on. It’s a puzzle as Shawn the builder says but we will overcome.

4 thoughts on “I’m wasted and I can’t find my way home…

  1. Charity shops back here in Blighty are woeful now. They’re too suss about picking out anything interesting and selling it for auction separately. Pah! Never mind fundraising, what about me?!!

    1. That’s becoming a problem here, the hordes of dealers rooting through the piles is a bigger problem. Records have become a business, I have a friend who has a route he takes most days to various stores to buy stuff, he has the stuff he wants and the stuff he wants to sell. I am too much of a collector to do that. I would feel a certain amount of fleeting guilt if I found a 200 dollar record at a thrift store I did not want to keep but was going to sell on.

  2. The Blind Faith album is worth returning to. Despite a couple of low points (‘Do what you like’), it has the sublime Winwood vocal on ‘Sea of Joy’ and ‘Can’t find my way home’. This album was the topic of one of the very first posts/stories at Vinyl Connection, using the title of that Winwood song.

    Good luck with the planning.

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