Unheard, but not unwanted…

Bruce at Vinyl Connection asked what I had on my shelves I had not heard.

I figured I would take a trawl through the unheard herd, maybe I could even cull a few if the feeling took me.

First up we have Neil Young’s Trans. It seems to have become hip in some circles to claim that this album is a masterpiece. That’s okay the more opinions the better in the current political environment, maybe we can have a talking head argueathon just like Fox News or CNN.

It’s not as bad as I remember, I am no longer overcome with horror when hearing it but my tastes have changed and may have even matured but it was 1982 when I sold my copy, 2018 when I got this one and it may be an equally long tome before I play it again unless someone asks about it.


This one I bought the other week, I really wanted an Allan Holdsworth album. If I could find another two records than shipping was free. This and the Twelfth Night album together where less than the shipping so why not?

I have never knowingly heard this album before, yes I heard the singles when the album was released. I was 21 when it came out and spent far too much time out, rather than in so it was inevitable. I am going to guess that this will move on pretty quick, curiosity got the better of me.


He was easy on the eyes as they say and it’s a perfectly adequate 80”s pop album.

Then there is Autobahn.


I have no idea why this sat in the pile at the end of the shelf other than I forgot I had it, this will no longer stay unheard. This is my only Kraftwerk album and I know I need more.

I am not a big Clapton fan but I have found several Cream albums just laying around recently, then I don’t listen, so here we go and it’s a double.


Ending the weekend here with Gandharva by Beaver and Krause. This is a strange mix of electronic music, lounge jazz, gospel choirs and blues guitar, side two recorded in Grace Cathedral San Francisco.  It’s a strange album.


I’ve not had much to say lately so here is a stop gap. There a lot more unheard in the herd, some I may never get to but this seems to be a way of playing them at least once and deciding if they stay.

8 thoughts on “Unheard, but not unwanted…

  1. J.

    I haven’t heard Trans in a long time. Great cover, but not so great album. I remember thinking it was shockingly bad, but that’s after hearing On The Beach, Zumba, Harvest, Everybody Knows… etc.

    I picked up a copy of that Terry album a few months ago following some chat about where he is now. Or who he is now. Anyhoo, I fairly enjoyed it… some very well crafted songs on there.

  2. Both Aaron at KMA and I have done ‘Keep or Crate’ posts – this is your version perhaps!
    I don’t know ‘Trans’ other than by reputation. Masterpiece seems a stretch, from what I’ve read.
    Beaver and Krause are a bit odd (and unsatisfying) – have this and another album on one CD that doesn’t get many outings. Though I know at least one person who considers this a masterpiece!
    The double Cream is something of a classic. One LP studio, one live.
    And everyone needs more Kraftwerk. (Joe loves Radioactivitat, I favour Trans-Europe Express)
    Thanks for the shoutout… look forward to further shelf adventures.

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