Woo woo, woo woo Welcome to Earth my son yeah…

How do you figure out you’re a fan?

Is it when you realize that you own just about every album they have released apart from the mp3 only live release? And you want that.

Is it when you after listening to all of the albums chronologically decide to spend the money on the tickets for the show in December? This probably would have happened anyway.

Or is it when you find yourself sitting in the woods listening to All Across this Land and find a great peace settle on you? This is generally what happens when I listen to music in the woods, well apart from certain types of music that involve teutonic knights pillaging their way across the landscape as the peasants flee.

I guess it is when a band become the preferred listening for at least a week. Or is this just the completist collector in me?

It’s probably when you pre-order the new record and then order the soundtrack from the stage show. Or is that again just the collector?

So finally I am able to actually admit without shame I rather like that band Blitzen Trapper. Yes they are quirky, a little country, a little folk, they have created a stage play but more importantly sometimes you want to really throw your foot on the monitor and rock out with them. They are in fact perfect for the Oregon woods or to be accurate the Cascade foothills. Their vaguely folky rock is perfect for a meander by the creek and a sit in the damp fall woods.

Also any song that begins with Woo Woo Woo is an instant classic.

Any band hearkening so much back to the 70’s need to hook you up with a Zeppelin cover. If you want to see some awkward dancing take a look around 1:26.

So I am going to accept my fan status, however this pretty much makes it difficult to be objective in any way.

Her are some pictures form my morning stroll as well it’s hard to believe that somehow I managed to own this.



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