They are taking apart my door

So the stove broke the fridge failed and all was not well with the kitchen.

Solution buy new stuff, it’s stuff you need so you have to get it, the others in the house would be mightily upset if the food stopped arriving on time.

It all began with Saturdays pizza that caused the door to fall off and then if you are buying a stove you may as well replace the leaky fridge and the counters suck and so on. So here they are taking the door off so the old fridge can leave and the new one arrive. Someone should design a house that allows the appliances to get in without rebuilding.


Here is the original problem. No cooking left in that sucker.


Here is the hole I think the two nice delivery guys wish they had never seen it. They do have a cool strap to carry all this stuff as they drag the huge appliances in and out


And then here is the new pizza in the new oven. Only one problem the fridge is too big.


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