if I could change your mind…

Welcome to Coral Island.

The Wirral’s finest have made their masterpiece. A psychedelic, pop extravaganza spread over four beautiful yellowy green sides.

Narrated by the Skelly’s grandad it’s the tale of the rise and fall of a British seaside town. Love, loss, infidelities, rockers and mods and all the things that happen by the seaside.

And it only took ten albums.

Go on get lost in the swirling whirling colors of the piers and candy floss and the sound of seagulls the smell of fish and chips and the sight of deck chairs on the sand.

I always expect to hear a Coral song during the chase scene in a Scooby Doo cartoon. I know one day it’s gonna happen even if I have to do it myself.

Part 2 is darker.

Just when I thought the age of concept albums was over we are all saved.

I think it’s meant to be yellow vinyl but it’s really not the most successful color for a record. It’s reminiscent of well, I’ll leave that to your imagination.

well I worked a double shift…

Well here we are again. Day 4 I think,

It’s been a country adjacent few days. Kind of mellow and dreamy in its own way. Apart from installing an above the range microwave. That’s a special place of pain that even Emmy Lou can’t erase.

Then this happened to brighten up the evening. Nothing like a bit of jingly jangly, psychedelic pop craft form the early part of the century, Hoylakes finest strike again.