I howl when I get the scent…

Stiff records the sound of the underground?

IMG_2360.JPGLive Stiffs, the package tour from hell, drugs, drunkenness and mayhem. Costello. Lowe, Dury, Larry Wallis and Wreckless Eric.

It’s the missing link between punk and the early 70’s underground, Larry Wallis and Nick Lowe are the connection to the strangeness that was early 70’s underground, Costello Dury and the others are the new pretenders pounding the same streets in there own anarchic way.

The album is rough, ragged, unpolished and wonderful. It’s amazing that the tour  happened and that the label released the album. The performances are far from perfect lurching at times and the worse for chemicals at times, it is however a testament to a time when something different was happening, and giving a nod to the past at the same time. It is also a nod to a time when labels and records mattered, it was not so much profit margin type thing but an attempt to acknowledge a way of life.

Probably as many people claim to have seen the Live Stiffs tour as saw the Sex Pistols in Manchester. Suffice to say I was at neither show, I do however think that Live Stiffs is a lot of fun that may very well take a long slow slide into obscurity.