It’s a blimp frank…

I had this really long and involved review of Dusseldorf by Steve Hillage, it involved all sorts of long words and hyperbole. Until this moment.

I was having dinner with my son Tom, not unusual it happens most nights. I was telling him about the story of the record and everything that goes along with it, guilt, mystery and regret along with elation.

He turns to me and asks:

“Does it have Light in the Sky on it?”

“Yes” I reply.

“Must be good then…”

Enough said.


So it has Light in the Sky on and many other songs and it’s good.

we looked into the ethers…

Aaaaaah the endless Zoom/Skype phone meetings.

I have been reading about the adverse affects of video conferencing, as I prepare to sit in on 6 hours of conferencing ahead, at one point I will simultaneously Zoom and Skype, I am not looking forward to this and knowing my mum she will WhatsApp video call about the same time.

Things that happen that are good or exciting are limited in these Covid times.

Several months ago I ponied up some much needed cash to order Dusseldorf by Steve Hillage, a recording of a concert in said city on 23/8/79. I waited and waited and worried and then a virus hit and still no package from the UK with my exciting album enclosed. Eventually I gave up and emailed the seller, who within minuted gave me a refund with no communication. Oh well I though all is well at least I got the money back. I then went about my business with my desire for the album filed away somewhere in the back of my mind.

Yesterday I took a drive to the post office to pick up the mail. I do this late at night to avoid the people. I live about 8 miles outside a small time and have my mail sent to a PO Box, there is then the exciting parcel locker to open, it’s like Christmas.  9pm is a strange time to get the mail though no matter what you say.

Sitting in the parcel locker was an anonymous package that when I tore it open was my Sleeve Hillage album. Oh joy now I have a free record and feel bad for the seller who has refunded me. I contacted him and he was most understanding, wanted no cash and was happy I got the record.

All I have to do is listen to it now, thats next as the 1979 period for Hillage was amazing, that is the period that the Live Herald album came from.


I am so happy about this. Live Herald was three sides live and one studio, this is three LP’s of Hillage goodness. More about it after I listen I am sure unless I just take a nap.

In other news Bambi came to say hi as I was on my way out to get the groceries and then the mail on the way home. So many good things in these Covid times.



If you like the spacey twiddly bits on Steve Hillage albums then it’s time to go out and get The Golden Vibe, it has all of the spacey twiddly noodly bits you may want in 70 minutes.


Its basically Steve wacked out in his room waiting for Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth to come back from sabbatical and get Gong going again. From a cassette labelled Wata Trip 1973. Now it’s not Rainbow Dome Music but it is engaging and entertaining.

It’s the noodling in the corner space monkey having a good time.

It’s also proof that I have moved on exactly one year since yesterday.

And what’s not to love about a guy who looks so happy.


No voice…

I really like a bit of Steve Hillage, burbling synths, glissando guitar and some sexy french backing vocals.

I am trying to forget listening to his 82 album with vocals For to next…

I am however eminently happy to let you know that the companion instrumental album And not or… is pretty darn special.

Yes there is no real drums on the album or bass for that matter, there is however a lot of spacey glissando guitar and bubbling burbling synths. The only thing missing is those sexy french backing vocals, that’s because it’s all instrumental don’t you know?