am I at home…

I wanted to hear guitars!

It’s been hip for a long time to heap adulations on Steven Wilson. He has been the darling of the prog world, he has remixed almost every 70’s album anyone would let him near and now he is invading the pop world, as well as being in more bands than one man has a right to be in.

Steven Wilson’s Hand Cannot Erase tour was the greatest tour my youngest child ever saw, well that and Alice Cooper but there ya go.

My wife truly dislikes Porcupine Tree’s music, you can’t hold that against her though she also hates Hawkwind, Pink Floyd and Motorhead and barely tolerates Tangerine Dream, she does however love Fairport Convention and Neil Young, although not the long loud songs, so there is still hope.

I think I had Up the Downstairs on some sort of cassette that Gooey taped for me for the flight to the USA in 1994, or maybe it was the On the Sunday of Life album. Either way that badly recorded cassette with no track titles on it was my soundtrack for that flight from the UK as we headed out to our new life in the USA.

It rattled around in the pick up for years, it seemed to always be that tape that was in the cassette player whoever you got in the truck, that and Green by REM and a Roy Harper self released tape that goes for silly money if I still had it. Eventually they all got stolen with the cassette player from the truck, the joys of living in the rougher end of town I suppose.

If I am honest and I do try to be, okay every now and then there is an embellishment for dramatic affect I am from Liverpool after all, I really prefer Steven Wilson’s Porcupine Tree when he was a spotty kids recording his tunes in his bedroom, and sending them off to Nick Salomon, well thats how I like to think of it, some homemade recording and a lot of acid.

Up the Downstairs is a gentle psychedelic ramble though the foggy dreams of young Mr Wilsons mind, yes reminiscent or Floyd, Genesis and Tangerine Dream with several truly dodgy lyrics along the way, it’s the musical passages that are really the highlight though. Obviously Steven was and is a fan of 70’s psychedelic/prog and rock music and was not afraid of the long song.

More shitty photies as they say.

It ticks all the boxes, long songs/tunes, disliked by at least one family member, not too demanding late at night.

Bonus is that there are lots of guitars.

There you go damned by faint praise as my dad would say.