Don’t care what the others might say. As far as I’m concerned they can all fall apart and fade away…

So for the last few weeks as the world collapses around us I’ve been attracted to two types of music.

The melancholic and the psychedelic.

This was after my brief foray into the world of hard rock for the weekend.

I think the melancholic and psychedelic has been on one side a natural reaction to the state of the world in the melancholic and the attempt to escape into my own little headspace in the whimsy of psychedelic.

I passed outrage sometime in 2018 on my way to plain old rage. Then I had a moment of sanity that has been interrupted into a modicum of acceptance of the sheer fucked upedness of the world. This is the way it is the weak strong men are going to rant and drool, the creek will rise, the ice will melt, the people will suffer and somewhere someone hopefully will decide it’s a nice day for a sulk or at least it could have been a brilliant career.

The other hits this week.

There have been others but this has been where my head has been when the 24hour news cycle played.

Or as Roy Harper said at the start of one of the many oil wars.

“Left right, left right, the war came home by satellite.”

Hopefully sanity returns.