if you and your folks loved me and my folks like me and my folks love you and your folks…

Funkadelic are a force of nature it seems.

Beloved of many a culture and sub-culture. In fact they may be a culture all their own.

It is the considered opinion of your correspondent that if you manage to marry the innocent brilliance of Syd Barrett with the funk of Funkadelic and the attitude of The Doors you may have a winning combination to blow the mind of the unsuspecting pubic, solve the global climate crisis and perpetrate whirled peas on the planet as well as extinguishing the memory of Trump and his cronies. We could turn back time and right all historic wrongs and create a better more welcoming and inclusive society.

In fact it is my assertion that since 1971 every band that has been created has been an attempt to realize this utopian dream.

Until the moment when some young person manages this we have the records. It will have to be enough I suppose.

I suppose Maggot Brain is as good a place as any other to start.

So go start it’s worth the journey.