I’ll give you all I own except my car…

So Free grew up.

And it sounds like this.

That’s a lot of growing in less than a year.

It’s not as riotous as the debut it slinks and slithers rather than lurches and stumbling.

The bigger question though is how many bands did Alexis Korner and John Mayall have some influence on in the late sixties. There’s a whole piece there for someone.

I’m gonna show you why it’s for…

Day 31.

Welcome to the year ahead.

There’s this one:

Tons of Sobs is every bit as hard hitting and raucous and savage and a whole lot more punk than that other debut from a more lauded English blues rock band. It’s pretty much straight up in your face blues rock and doesn’t pretend to be anything else. Apart from that bass holding everything together.

Well I made it a post a day for the whole month. Not gonna do that again willingly.

Oh by the way happy new year.

all I need is a friend…

Day 29.

This evening I realized that Free are the greatest rock band from the 70s. You can take your Ledded ones and your Purple ones and your Heeps and Jethro’s for this evening I have decided that Free are the as you may say dogs bollocks.

Not only do they rock and roll but they due to the singularly funky bass playing of Andy Fraser are a strutting step beyond the others.

Moving right along with the spritely brightly sound of The Fall. It’s upbeat and danceable for some.

travellin’ man is what I am…

Day 20.

Time flies as they say.

No stompers or out and out rockers here. It’s Free lost in the crowd.

Some records just make you sit still and listen, it’s not necessarily an easy listen, mainly because it is farther away from the Free album you expect, it’s introspective and thoughtful and yet rocks as well.

Now this one has many a stomper and rocker all present and correct.

Sometimes you just want to walk around with purpose guests the hips and wish you had a half the mic technique Paul Rodgers has on an off day.

It’s also a pretty cool album cover there.

It’s an album full of sadness though.

the big wheels keep on turning…

Day 8.

I’ve been thinking about Phil Easton and the Great Easton Express.

Let’s start this right. I remember staying attentive to hear this for the first time on the Great Easton Express. The feeling of disappointment and excitement and In The Air Tonight is still a great song. This album was such a leap from what I wanted to hear at the time. Maybe Phil new better though.

So onto something else.

The Great Easton express in the late 70s and most of the 80s was the radio show to listen to on Radio City for rock music. Phil Easton seemed to have the inside news on everything. I met Ian Gillan and David Coverdale outside the station on a couple of occasions. It was typical to hear who Phil had on the show and rush down town to catch a glimpse. This was how we did it pre Internet. If you got really crazy you could head out to the Floral Hall in Southport were he dj’d the rock night where many a shenanigan went down.

I have no idea where thoughts of Phil Easton came from unbidden. I won this album in a call in and you had to get there to pick it up.

It was later taken as ransom by an old girlfriend never to be seen again. Eventually I replaced it. But there are no signatures in this one.

I really need some more Free and what a band.

Phil Easton was part of my musical journey. Him, Tommy Vance and John Peel pretty much covered all the bases. Easton however interrupted Skateaway by Dire Straits one fateful night in December to let us know that Lennon had left the building. He did it with dignity and obvious care for the man and the legacy.

So it’s December 8th. that’s why I was thinking of Phil Easton.