sometimes I wish that I could fly…

Day 22.

For various reasons we have not been out Christmas shopping this year, yeah we got some things online but there’s always stuff you’re supposed to get in person I guess.

I guess those various reasons sucked the life out of the festive season! Sometimes life gets in the way of itself in a right royal fashion.

So after seven or eight hours of continual festive shopping and my wife realizing potato noodles are shall we say different here I am decompressing with this.

To be honest it’s making me a little twitchy So I think I’ll make afternoon coffee which should get me through to the end of the day.

The holiday season can be kind of a drag at times. This may just be one of those times.

The good news is that Jesus the carpenter is visiting from Israel for the holidays. If I was less refined I could make some form of joke now but I’ll leave it all to your imagination. And that’s not a punchline or a John Prine reference although since the end of high school it has been a case of Jesus the missing years.

Things gradually mellowed out this evening enough to get to this.

I have never heard this before. Having stopped with the Cowboy Junkies after Caution Horses because I was convinced that nothing could ever be that great.

Margo Timmins has just the right level of sleaze and irony in her vocals that has not been bettered since Joni Mitchell unleashed her dirty giggle on the unsuspecting hippies in the canyon. I’m confronted as I listen with the fact I have years of unheard music by this band. Although I did go see them live a couple of times so the songs aren’t completely unheard. How decisions reverberate down the years. That’s been the theme of the day.

It’s okay though Jesus is coming over next week and I can give him a hard time for disappearing on us after he finished high school. Probably he’ll have some smart ass comment to make and smile his smile. I’ll then make fun of him singing Chocolate Jesus in my garage as they got ready for battle of the bands.

the watcher and the tower…

Day 21.

I found this in a record emporium the other day. By some strange compulsion I was drawn to it. Barely without thought I bought it and headed home to set sail for the African continent and it’s six string gods.

1537 made me do it. It has been well worth the journey.

What I have to say absolutely none of this sounds the way I thought it would.

Then there was this.

I had no idea I owned this. It’s a real nostalgia trip. I found it rummaging around obviously at some point I new I had it.

Why do people insist on putting stickers on records and then ripping them off.

I have to say this sounds exactly like I thought it would.

travellin’ man is what I am…

Day 20.

Time flies as they say.

No stompers or out and out rockers here. It’s Free lost in the crowd.

Some records just make you sit still and listen, it’s not necessarily an easy listen, mainly because it is farther away from the Free album you expect, it’s introspective and thoughtful and yet rocks as well.

Now this one has many a stomper and rocker all present and correct.

Sometimes you just want to walk around with purpose guests the hips and wish you had a half the mic technique Paul Rodgers has on an off day.

It’s also a pretty cool album cover there.

It’s an album full of sadness though.

it’s right to stand together and wrong to stand apart.

Day 19.

Some musicians have a sense of social justin running through pretty much everything they do. Ry Cooder is one of those musicians.

The wonder is he manages to hold to that sense of social justice without sacrificing their ability to entertain. It’s easy to be self righteous.

It’s also on the rolling stone list of great record covers go figure. Who am I to argue with that there rolling stone.

the moments already passed…

Day 18.

It’s a long strange trip ahead of us all.

It’s all a lot to take in.

That insistent bass. Crash cymbals and what is the brass doing. And does that boy sound like the Moody Blues?

It’s the cacophony of the ages.

Strange mix of psychedelia, sixties tv themes and it’s a comforting iciness.

Radiohead only really began to make sense to me after the 2016 election. They have continued to make sense as I mentally prepare for 2024. This feels like a brief respite on some level before the big battle. It’s like that moment in high fantasy novels when everything is going well and then the shit hits.

Then there was this as well.

you realize the sun doesn’t go down…

Day 15.

Soft light falling through yellow curtains in the morning.

The hot cup of tea in a blue mug.

Strawberry jam on fresh scones.

The breeze stirring wheat in a field.

Sunflowers in the corner of the garden.

Bees buzzing through the clover.

The bite of a crisp apple.

A cold beer on a hot day.

The smell of coffee waking you in the morning.

The glow of candles at night.

The spice of good ginger beer.

The perfection of a Jaffa cake.

Blonde hair on the pillow next to me.

A hug at the end of the day.

And this:

the spinning wheel will wash us clean…

Day 13.

A little of what looks like post apocalyptic folk rock from the Albion Band in obviously 1989. I think I’d rather have a horse over a Vauxhall Astra and I’m a little afraid of horses. Most of the Astra’s in my memory would’ve been improved by being on blocks.

I think the Dylan quote may be appropriate.

“Ashley Hutchings is the single most important figure in English folk-rock ” – Bob Dylan (August, 2015).

I’ve been on a bit of an Albion Band kick the last couple of days. It might be time to mix it up a bit.

So The Dead. For years this was the only Dead album I owned and that was on CD. I bought it originally because I lover Norma Waterson’s version of Black Muddy River. It still may be better than this one here.

So I’m about half way through documenting my listening for this he month and I have to say I’m a little stuck in the past. Maybe 2022 is the year I bust out and really make an effort to check out more new music.

Or maybe that’s the way our minds work you start listening to something abs all of a sudden your in a groove or is it a rut?

I’m also missing writing a bit more reflectively about things. Damn that’s two things to think about.

There was also this and I had forgotten how great a record this is.

the world has no comfort to bring…

Day 12.

If there was ever an argument for the concertina in rock music it may be this album or is that on occasion the dreaded accordion?

Richard and Linda Thompsons third album is a brooding masterpiece. Linda’s voice is as disarming as ever abs her phrasing spot on. The guitars do the things guitars are supposed to do. It’s not really so much folk rock as rock that folks.

Streets of Paradise has more to say of the dissolute world than a discography of Pogues albums and with a lot less glamor.

It’s a beautiful bleak harrowing and uplifting listen. Perfect for the day that has passed me by today.

There’s also humor in there if you listen.

don’t be an outlaw…

Day 11

Time for a little festive music. Well as close as I get. The Mysteries by The Home Service.

I almost gave it a rest today. It’s been an emotional kind of day. Lots going on. Lots not going on.

Nothing like an irreverent romp through the New Testament with some of the greats of the UK’s folk rock royalty.

Actually the irreverence was in the play. The album is pretty much the music which is astounding.