come crawl up to your window…

I am all in favor of turning it up, there is however something magical that happens when you turn it down and record it on one microphone. Whites Off Earth Now is the first album by the Cowboy Junkies. It is mostly a collection of blues standards, a Springsteen and one original.

The claustrophobic, intimate sound of the album turns those blues standards into almost lethargic charged paeans to sex and rock and roll. The pace of the album makes it the perfect soundtrack to the day after the night before. The bass slinks along under Margo Timmins languid slurred vocals and the drums and guitar thread their way through the whole thing.

Damn it’s a dirty album.

Of course the album cover looks like it was recorded by a bunch of nerdy kids one afternoon, it should be full of perky, happy power pop. It should not be wallowing in the muck that is found on the floor of a juke joint the morning after.

Yeah, I’m looking for answers in so many places I open my mind I don’t get it…

Well the bellicose moron flew out of Canada today, spouting his ridiculous biased BS and headed off to have a get together with his self absorbed confederate in Singapore.

IMG_0346I have retreated this morning to the sweet melodic dangerous sounds of the Cowboy Junkies, Canada’s most enigmatic exports. Especially the Trinity Sessions album. Basking in the lazy rhythms and beautiful vocals is some sort of remedy for the grating burble from the TV this morning.

I have made a commitment to myself this week, I will look after myself and practice mindfulness to help circumvent the inevitable dysregulation caused by paying attention. Like listening to music or playing the answer is not to stop paying attention but to do so in a way that focuses on the actual content not the distractions.

I am not sure if this is going to produce a more balanced week for me but we will see.

Of course the answer is to do something, so let the activism begin.

In other news Todd Rundgren and Utopia produced the feel good concert of the year so far for me last weekend. Rocking hard the old man took the prog route and then the pop route and finished the night off with positivity and passion and guitar histrionics.

I snapped a few pictures and looking around many others were doing the same, there were however a few just watching things through the six inch screen of their phone. One man in from of us was actually live streaming the show and was more involved in his “likes” and comments from his followers than the actual event unfolding in front of him. This I thought is were we have come to, it is more important to get a reaction than to experience, it is more important to be seen to be doing than to do. Of course isn’t that what we all do here in blog world.


Breaking away to the other side I wanna make sense of why we live and die I don’t get it, I don’t get it…

So here I am unable to sleep waiting for the clock to tick over so its time to go. 17 hours and 50 minutes of travel ahead of me, 5 of them sitting in Vegas, maybe I will win a fortune.

I remember the days when you used to collect your passport tickets and wallet and head out the door, now you need all the accouterments of modern life, wires and cords and headphones for the trip. Laptops and iPads and iPhones and the stuff to make them work, endless miles of cords, it’s like being a roadie getting ready to leave, all so I can work while I sit and wait and maybe more importantly so I can stay in touch with back here as I sit and wait.


So I sat down and thought about the days of old when recordings where done live around one microphone, which led me to the beautiful Trinity Sessions by the Cowboy Junkies. Recorded entirely around one microphone in the Church of the Holy Trinity Toronto over one night.

It’s an album from another time, a slower time a time when music wasn’t really portable. It’s an album that is 31 this year it has matured over the years and remains timeless like all great pieces. It’s a perfect companion for the waiting of the clock to tick over and time to go.

Like Blue that I listened to earlier this week it requires the commitment to see it to the end, it’s a whole piece that demands attention.


Things I will miss as I sit and wait and watch with my Mum and Dad:

  • the birth of my first grandchild.
  • the digging of the well
  • installation of the septic system from the future
  • turning on the power in the new house


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