so baby pack your leaving trunk…

Zero records bought.

Two Neil Young Tickets bought.

As 1537 pointed out I never said if this album was actually any good.

The question that needs to be answered before that one however is. Do you have a deep appreciation for songs involving drinking, drug taking, womanizing, being cheated on, cheating on, stealing, police brutality, hippies, going up the country, do you sit in awe at harmonica playing and guitar solos, ultimately however have you always wanted to boogie to the Fried Hockey Boogie?

If the answer to any of those questions was a yes then Boogie with Canned Heat is for you.

Take the plunge, the album opens with the most serious bass line that Lemmy only hoped he could ever write and then proceeds to tell tales of woe, joy, how to drink turpentine, get lost in the country and deal with all sorts of no good backstabbing individuals. It also ends with Fried Hockey Boogie that hits a groove and then grooves and slithers it’s way through 11 minutes or so of boogie and soloing. It’s a gritty dirty album that will also make you smile.

John Lee Hooker loved them, Dr. John wrote the charts for the horn section and this is the album that provided the opening track for the Woodstock movie.

So is it good?

Yes it is good.

and so they got the band…

10 days zero records bought.

Says it all on the box with this one, Boogie with Canned Heat. This has been the order of the evening in the house. It’s been a quiet day waiting for snowmageddon that never happened, despite the insistence of the man on the TV.

The weekend is a difficult time not to be buying records it seems. I strolled past two stores and managed not to buy anything in Target, even if it was just for the novelty of buying in Target, almost like the old days of Woolworths and W.H. Smith in the village.

Another record moves from the to be played pile to fill it’s place in the shelves.

I’ve got time things will work out fine…

I am going to give it a go, no records in the month of February. Just writing the words is causing some sweats and shaking, however it is a good idea to detox and let’s face it, it is the shortest month. I am also ashamed to say that there are a couple of hundred unplayed records on the bottom shelf waiting to be played and put away.

I have no idea how this is going to go. I am a fairly impulsive person when it comes to buying records, late night shopping on the internet, I drive by or rather don’t drive by a Goodwill on the way home and downtown the junk shop has just turned into a used record store.

I am going to use this time to consider what I am doing with this impulsive hobby. It is fun to search out lost titles and new treasures and even new music. However lets be honest I spent most of my teen years and early twenties with about 200 records and never felt cheated. What happened that I now feel the need to own entire discographies of musicians that were of marginal interest to me in the past.

Last year I toyed with the idea of having a year when all I was allowed to buy was new releases, I then got caught in my own web of trying to decide what “new” meant. Did reissues count? Was it just new albums by new artists? This way was madness. Eventually I just went with just buying on some random magical need to buy, this may explain the lack of structure to my current collection and let’s be honest past collection. Woody Guthrie sits next to Black Sabbath on the to be played stack and they seem tone getting along.

I have already failed on the no records in February plan and it is only the 5th. Of course who could turn down the Kate Bush collection sitting there, not to mention the Ry Cooder and Taj Mahal? In my defense today I strolled into Goodwill, realized what was going on and left today. Things are looking up.

So now the attempted project only to play the newly bought stuff and not to buy any new to me records until I am done. Of course this type of resolution has cause insanity and mayhem in other bloggers. I am however strong of will and will not crumble under the temptation of the purchasing gods, and if I do I shall confess and seek forgiveness here.

So here is my first neglected purchase, Canned Heat from 1969, boogie with a slightly blurred hazy feel. I may have said before, Canned Heat just make me happy, they are no frills good time music by fans for fans and Bob the Bear Hite has a sweet voice. What’s not to love apart from that strange cover image, some sort of back to the country domestic kitchen scene from the prairies. This has almost nothing to do with the stoner LA boogie band playing the music. Perhaps it is more of an ideal that the band felt they had left behind, or it just felt like a good idea at the time.

I’m gonna get up in the mornin…

Do you really need an excuse to boogie?

IMG_1111If you have to ask the question, well, go back to sleep.

If there is a truly feel good band from Woodstock it is Canned Heat. Yes they are as you could say not your usual rock star band. They look like they just strolled out of the woods stepped on stage and plugged in to play straight ahead blues, they channel all of their influences at once whether is is Elmore James or Mr. Hooker. They are not trying to be clever they just want to boogie. This is what happens when fans decide to record the music they love.

The result is that you smile a lot listening to them, yes they will drag a song out to its unnatural conclusion just because it is fun to play and they are in the groove. It’s not boring it’s the Heat jamming and doing what they do best which is boogie.

I have now used boogie four times and I’m feeling pretty good about that.

I am not sure where this album came from in the Canned Heat lexicon of boogie, trying to keep track of their discography is like trying to count grains of sand. It is however four tracks of straight up boogie, five times.

Something that is not so good to find is this strange growth I found in the coffee pot at work. This was the result of me looking for an alternative to the Keurig fever that seems to have overcome the office. This desire for singularity is resulting in everyone sitting at their desk eating lunch, making individual cups of coffee and attempting to brew tea with a tea bag in a cup, sacrilege.

After a good half hour of applied cleaning and the use of vinegar it is now suitable for brewing of a good pot of strong coffee to share with others in the office.