sometimes you get so lonely…

Day 30.

Well that’s a stormer.

At 12 years old my cousin Tony drove us to Newcastle to see this tour. Not sure how he convinced my parents but he did. Two years later he couldn’t convince my dad to let me go see Led Zeppelin. Maybe my parents wised up.

I remember being terrified, exhilarated and disorientated.

Then there is the band that created its own genre.

This is at the same time sounds ancient and new. And maybe for the first time in my foray into Spaceman territory these songs sounds like they could be on someone else’s album. Of course then they would not be as epic, grandiose and at times overwhelming.

Don’t get me wrong they are all great songs individually they just don’t make me feel like someone is channeling the music of the ancient aliens. I enjoy each song as it happens but at any time I could lift the needle and move on. Hmmm interesting.

Maybe this is the album a veteran of the psychic wars makes in the lull between battles.

I think this may be a grower, I am going to come back to it when it’s settled in for me.

I’m afraid of Americans…

It’s Christmas Eve with all that brings.

Day 24 continued.

It’s been a long journey to here. 2019 was the last Christmas my mum spent with us. I put her on a plane January 2020 and three months later well we all know what happened.

Today she is at home again isolated basically sheltering still from a virus that the ignorant and self centered seem determined to prolong. Not just the idiots unwilling to pay attention to science but the politicians who true to form are more worried about their own pitiful power games. And the sheep who follow their own fears to vote for them.

It’s an age long problem it seems.

I could get maudlin but instead I’m gonna listen to Bowie and his triumphant return to Glastonbury.

I can’t describe the joy this album has brought me this year. I’ve been streaming it in the car as I drive around and it’s just a perfect Bowie concert. The hits the banter the band are tight. so I had to get the record.

Hopefully I’ll get to talk to my mum when she wakes up if I can stay awake that long. If not I’ll talk to her when I wake up in the morning before the insane present binge.

Hopefully I’ll be able to put my flying shoes on in the spring although travel has become more complex.

Feel a bit roughed, feel a bit frightened…

I always balked at the thought of Lodger by Bowie. The difficult third album of the Berlin trilogy and yet it was recorded in Montreux and mixed in New York so how is it part of the Berlin trilogy. It’s really the last of the directly Eno influenced albums. It does however have some of the same feel as it’s more acceptable brethren.

At some point though it is kind of like only knowing part of the story to not listen to it. You will never know the end, 26 years after it’s recording it has also like many difficult albums been redefined as a lost classic. lodgerIt’s Bowie though so there has to be something in there interesting and there is.

Lodger took me by surprise, it is more song based than either Low or Heroes with no instrumental sections, it is also a little schizophrenic at times.The story goes Eno and Bowie were tense during the recording and maybe it is like the end of a relationship, things  can get weird but things can still be really good, sometimes passionate and other times cold.

I have lived with Low and Heroes to the point they play themselves in my head at times, I find myself humming along to music nobody else can hear and it may be Sound and Vision or V-2 Schneider. I think that the solos in Boys Keep Swinging may have got into my head in the same way.

It was the last album of the 70’s for Bowie and it is a messed up enough  album to really draw an end to a decade that was so frenetic for him.

And so the story goes they wore the clothes

Sometimes things happen for a reason. You go searching for something and find a different thing, or you go searching for one thing and find seven.

The great vinyl gods looked down and decreed that the search for a decent copy of Hunky Dory would not be in vain and fortuitously a great trove of Bowie would be discovered.

bowie In the shape of seven somewhat tatty covered but excellent condition vinyl Bowie albums. Not only seven albums but seven of the albums you would actually want including the elusive Hunky Dory that I watched go on eBay the day before for almost $70. This all cost the princely sum of $55.

Some of them look their age, some splits on seams and ring marks and a little worn on the edges but the vinyl is in great shape, quiet and clear.

So here I sit reliving that day in 1977 when cousin Tony placed that album on the turntable and made me listen to Hunky Dory all the way through without speaking.He then insisted I describe the experience in one word, as usual I didn’t really have anything to say.

Since that day I have managed to make Bowie one of the few artists I can say I have taken the time to listen to everything, yes even Tin Machine, when it came out. Sometimes frustrating, infuriating but always relevant Bowie has been with me, at times a secret but always there in the background swaggering and swaying as I struggled to make sense of the world and relationships and politics and life, he has not always been helpful either.

It has also added to that perennial favorite drunken argument who is more relevant Bowie or Morrison.

The correct answer being Bowie, although someone once threw me for a curve with Barrett.

Now I am off to start the listening as everything is now clean.