inside the museum infinity goes up on trial..:

Damn there’s not a lot better than Dylan 65-66, unless it’s some other period of Dylan that in the moment I’d forgotten about. Some days I am convinced Queen Jane Approximately is the greatest thing written and then I get to Visions of Johanna. Then I hear Stuck Inside of Mobile orAbsolutely Sweet Marie or I Want You and change my mind.

Then I realize that these are the outtakes. Sometimes they are completely different versions other times it’s an inflection a tone of the voice or a change in the rhythm of the vocal. Each would’ve been considered definitive of released at the time but they at the time were deemed less than the ones that made the album.

There gushed enough.

If you haven’t spent time with any of the bootleg series your missing out man.

One thought on “inside the museum infinity goes up on trial..:

  1. My knowledge and appreciation of Dylan is low; you’ve opened a door with your praise.
    I’ll see how things go this week. I might walk through.

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