live just for yourself…

Fuck it.

A set back in the eye. Position upright leaning the head to the right. This creates a slightly quizzical bemused look. Then the question how am I going to sleep this way?

If things don’t get better I’ll be having another operation and yes it’ll be under local anesthetic so I will be awake as the needles and lasers head for my eye.

On to the metronomic, repetitive joyful music of Back to Land by Wooden Shjips.

There’s also the more colorful inner sleeve.

It’s jaunty, jangly, space pop. It’s as if Marc Bolan actually got along with Dave Brock and wrote a whole album of dance oriented rock anthems for Hawkwind.

It’s the perfect music to stand naked in a rain storm and dance and sway in the mud. There’s also no need to worry about lyrics as they are so spaced out and mumbled it could be anything good old Ripley is burbling into the microphone.

It made me feel better.

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