can we make it last? like a musical ride….

I’m here half blind hoping for a Crazy Horse tour, once Nils is done with Bruce I’m hoping.

Until that blessed time I will have to be content with Neil’s seeming willingness to get his music out there on a fairly regular basis. Which brings me to Noise and Flowers.

It’s a good placeholder until something better may come along. Promise of the Real are good but no Crazy Horse or Stray Gators or any number of backing bands. They have obviously made Neil delve into his back catalogue and play songs that deserve to be played. They do a handsome job at getting the old man to up his game. They manage to juggle the set list etc. it’s good to hear Field of Opportunity and On the Beach and all those great songs.

There’s obviously a connection. Live it’s a good experience. Even the time I saw them and was sat in the bleachers with my ass getting numb it was phenomenal. I even like Earth and the monkeys man.

What gets me is the false endings. Yes on this album they are not so prevalent but Rockin In The Free World didn’t need it. With the horse it’s not a false ending it seems like it’s all part of that one song. With Promise of the Real it’s like the old master is toying with them and they just haven’t got the joke.

It’s a really good album with many of the songs you want to hear, you will never get all of them there are too many. The band do justice to the songs and Neil’s in good voice and is playing his heart out.

Maybe if this wasn’t sandwiched amongst all those stellar archive releases it may have shone better.

I have no regrets buying this, would buy it again and I’ve played it three or four times. I just hanker for something a little more ragged and rusty and loose.

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