Ain’t got nothing but love babe…

Estate sales they really are a thing and sometimes you can fill a gap.

No surprises here. 27 #1s apparently. I can’t figure out the way the decision was made no matter how often I read the Wikipedia entry.

It is however a body of work, or at least part of the body.

2 thoughts on “Ain’t got nothing but love babe…

  1. When One came out, my cynical thought was “great, put all the most overplayed Beatles songs on one album.” I still wouldn’t buy the album today, but there are a lot of good songs here. My own curated playlist omits most of these. I’ll be adding a few. I don’t think the Ballad of John and Yoko made it to #1

    1. It achieved #1 in the uk which I think is the criteria us or uk chart position.

      I think the Beatles overplayed songs often benefit from a revisit.

      Sometime I buy things on impulse alone. It can be a problem. Hence the e bike I now own.

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