they just play it like that…

So sometimes just to feel better it’s good to not put on the tv and play The Beatles. Especially the Yellow Submarine Songtrack.

There something about Beatles compilations. It distorts the view of the band and it’s output when your faced with nothing but classics. Of course maybe that’s all there is classics.

I grew up on Saturday reruns of The Beatles cartoon and my mum singing along to songs that were often written before I was born. Although in my opinion the better songs were written after my birth. This obviously means I am responsible for the change in direction the Beatles took in the second half of the 60s. Just saying.

Yes I found this in the estate sale as well.

2 thoughts on “they just play it like that…

  1. I’ve never listened to this album or watched the movie, so I don’t think I’ve heard many of these songs. Also, some of them aren’t listed on that ubiquitous list of all Beatles songs ranked, which makes me wonder why the got left off (some other Yellow Submarine songs (the ones I know) made the list. I never see albums at garage sales. The used book store at my library sells some but they are all in the Glenn Miller category (not my bag). I’d love to stumble on a cache of records like you did. I’m disgusted that I gave most of mine away in the 90s.

    1. We all sold gave away too many records in the 90s when everything was forward looking new abs shiny. I seldom stop at yard sales anymore or thrift stores for the same reason. This was a weird happening and out of the blue estate sales are so sad sometimes. Especially in this case as it looked like someone young’s stuff.

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