the camas is blooming..,

It was noteworthy enough to take a picture. Therefore it is noteworthy enough to mention here.

There was a brief respite today of the incessant rain. We got some of the garden planted finally. Lots of tomato plants in the greenhouse and plenty of greens.

Syds gonna guard the veggies man.

The problem with all that rain is the weeds grow like well weeds.

too many snags…

So I succumbed to peer pressure of some sort and bought David Live, the bigger better Tony Visconti 2005 mix. It’s got more songs than the original which I’ve never heard.

There’s a lot of David Sanborn on here for sure.

It’s ragged, it’s loose and simultaneously tight.

I have avoided this for so long it seems because of the cringeworthy picture on the front. It’s definitely a step down from previous albums image wise. This was my totally shallow teenage reason for never buying it or even listening to it.

Let’s just be honest it’s a crap album sleeve. It is however a good collection of Bowie. I find myself wondering why it all looks so normal when it’s the Diamond Dogs tour goin on. I woods really want to see a little more post apocalyptic vibe from the cover.

That’s a lot of great songs on there definitely worth the price of admission.