I bought a new truck. It’s a pick up 4 wheel drive crew cab and all the fixings. I traded the wrangler and got the SR5. It’s not the sport or extreme version I think my days of off roading are over but the winters can be rough.

I got tired of the noise and the leaks and the wind but most of all the noise. Yeah it was nice to take the doors and roof off and ride around like a hooligan, but then the heat or cold would get to you, well me. My mid-life crises vehicle days are over and now I have the sensible truck.

So I’ve had it less than a week. We’ve been the dump and hauled a lot of blocks to build a retaining wall around the downslope side of the pool we put up last week. We should’ve built the retaining wall first I think but last week we did not have a pick up.

It’s grey. A color that used to be called gunmetal grey before the desire not to be associated with guns grew. Now it’s called magnetic grey which makes no sense as magnetic in no way describes a color.

It’s a fine vehicle better gas mileage but I fade into the background and nobody waves at the Toyota I’ve left the jeep wave club and am now one of the anonymous grey pick ups that has such bright lights they blind the cars they are behind at night.

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