I never hear my record on the radio…

Pastiche, homage or part of the best series of “f” you’s to the record company ever.

It’s been a particularly difficult couple of days as the march to intolerance continues and the inability to be nuanced in america continues.

I think Neil Young on some level may simultaneously be the most authentic and pig headed musician on the planet. You have to admire the single minded attitude that allows you to alienate your base so frequently with no worry for the fall out.

Neil and the Shocking Pinks is a lot of fun every now and then when you want to snap out of whatever funk you’ve gotten in. It’s also really short so if like me this week you are determined to play records all the way through to the pain is over relatively quickly.

However I defy anyone not to enjoy. Kinda Fonda Wanda, Wonderin and Everybody’s Rockin with an ironic smirk.

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