I see you…

Live albums they are hit and miss for sure. When they are bad they are awful but when they hit the mark they can become some of our collective favorites. Even if we often know there may be an overdub somewhere in the mix.

Gong Live In Sheffield 1974 gives us the chance to hear the “classic” lineup in full flight. Sax solos, glissando guitar and bubbling synths and the wackiest of lyrics.

RSD has occasionally fulfilled its purpose by being the excuse for a band such as Gong to release vinyl. This one’s been around since the 90s on CD but got it’s vinyl release so that hipsters the world over can become confused by psychedelicized fairy tale telling.

This is my panacea for the Jan 6 committee. I think if we had played Gong subliminally to the sad orange one we could’ve had a better outcome all together.

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