when you’re old enough to repay…

It’s a strange old moment when you realize you’ve become a fanatic. It’s maybe when you start buying all the Neil Young albums. I think this is a reaction to not buying Psychedelic Pill because I thought $35 was too much. How crazy/deluded was that?

So I’ve been buying the bootleg albums as they came out. Up to four now and they all cover a fairly similar period of time right now 1970 to 1974. It’s a classic period of time. Pre ditch, and I am fairly convinced Neil never wrote a bad song in that time period.

So I forked out for “I’m Happy That Y’All Came Down.” An official release of an old bootleg. The sleeve is a faithful reflection of the bootleg ringwear included apart from Neil took the time to correct the song titles and placed it all on one disc instead of two. I’ve never heard the boot so I can’t compare sound quality

So songs from After the Goldrush and Harvest what’s not to love.

These early versions of A Man Needs A Maid are so much different from the released version. He should’ve kept the “a man is afraid” line in there.

I’m hoping for some raucous rock and roll in the future though.

I’ve forgiven Neil for leaving Spotify. I seldom found myself listening to the old fart there anyway.

3 thoughts on “when you’re old enough to repay…

  1. Ha, I just bought the Citizen Kane Jr Blues one. It is absolutely superb!

    I had this in my hand y’day but put it back for Uriah Heep ‘Look At Yourself’. So far I don’t regret it.

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