they were forever to be leaving…

Twenty or so minutes of perfect eighties psychedelia.

Is it an album or an E.P?

Those sunny California chiming jingle jangle guitars covering up songs of desolation loss and abandonment.

It has been at least thirty five years since I sat down and listened to this record. The funny thing is it doesn’t sound dated at all. Go figure.

The last track is the monster No Easy Way Down is a slithering nightmare working it’s way into your day to turn you around and leave you breathless. Insistent guitars and an organ stabilizing the whole thing. It’ll mess you up.

I used to listen to my bootlegged tape of this album religiously. Sitting on the floor and just soaking in the sounds. Usually in that slow time when the pub has closed in the afternoon as you waited for the pub to reopen in the evening. It was a solid diet of this Green On Red, Echo and the Bunnymen and Syd Barrett. It all made sense and none of it did.

Happy to have it back especially as I watch the primaries.

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