Though we rack ourselves on the rocks..,

It has just finally come to my attention that I like thoughtful melodic and somewhat romantic if ironic pop music. Especially if it is wrapped in a stylish album cover.

So I’d tell you all about this album how great it is and fun. I’d mention the clever lyrics and the melodies and clever retro yet modern hooks. The harmonies the brass sound and the interesting yet complementary drumming.

However all I’ve managed is to sit and enjoy it three times today.

I know it’s not their best. It’s a pale shadow of their first couple. But it’s so much farther ahead of anything else I’ve heard this week so there.

It’s something to do with the hopelessly romantic if melancholic Scots.

I had several posts of angst and anger that I abandoned for this.

One thought on “Though we rack ourselves on the rocks..,

  1. I think that’s as favourable a review as one could ask for – when writing words about the album simply has to wait until you’ve sat back and enjoyed several times

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