you felt invincible…

I spent a lot of time with side 1. The Regulator.

There are however three other sides.

They are not the chopped up psychedelic Krautrock piece of the first side, they are definitely the Crazy Horse unleashed version. It’s more spacey though. Saxes warbling in the background as the guitars phase around them.

It’s stretched out and fulfilling

The Universe Inside has become my favorite album in a short time, constantly evolving and changing as you listen. It’s a whole lot of fun and never dull.

I’m really glad I managed to get past side 1.

Side 4. The Slowest Rendition Is another extended piece that bookends the album nicely.

Then I plowed on with their first reunion album.

When the album is too shiny to photograph.

I have decided to declare February psychedelia month.

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