Okay I love this album. Everything about it. The cool cover with the yellow stars. The overly academic essay on the inner sleeve. The fact it has a CD I will never play attached to it.

Every great psychedelic album released since 1972, the year this masterpiece was released owes a debt to this album, or this is playing behind the other music.

Listening to this will change your brain permanently. You will be happier and more content.

It sounds like the inner workings of the multiverse.

Tomorrow I am taking on the first album again. I feel ready.

Yes most people will not enjoy this particularly. However that’s their loss and I don’t care that as I play this I am probably causing horrific dreams for everyone else in the house.

No I am not joking. This has been revelatory.

2 thoughts on “whoooooooossssshhhhh…bleep…ping…

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