in a crowded room near the box of boom…

The collision between country and psychedelia is as old as well the first time Jerry Garcia picked at a pedal steel or Gram Parsons donned his first Nudie suit. It probably is something to do with the myth of American rugged individualism.

My Morning Jacket take it a step further along. All the aggression of rock, the weirdness of psychedelia and a little country thrown in. It’s an all American melange, and they play forever, another classic america trait a la Springsteen and the Dead.

Okonokos recorded at the Fillmore in San Francisco where they probably found some Dead fans in the basement hoping for a miracle. They have a nice dose of reggae as well always a favorite sound for all the best festival bands.

I’m not good at song by song stuff. I tend to get lost in the feel. So if you want a little Crazy Horse in your life now that Neil left the building/well the virtual Spotify building that is give this a go.

Also let’s face it Okonokos is a cool title whatever it means.

3 thoughts on “in a crowded room near the box of boom…

  1. Well you know I’ll check it out. My son recently played for me a documentary of the advent of distortion in rock music–which started incidentally in C&W. Much of that sound came from a happy coincidence of damaged equipment and the lack of funds to replace it. It’s about a half an hour and worth watching. Of course I don’t know the name.

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