you just smiled and gently shook your head…

I remember being so excited about finding this record. The guy next to me at the store told me it was a fake.

Discogs arbiter of all things vinyl related lists it as “unofficial.” Again I’m not sure I know what that means.

What I do know is that it is a slice of super English whimsy and psychedelia in the strangely off kilter Canterbury style. Again whatever that means.

It’s also very pretty pink vinyl with grey splatters that my crappy pic does no justice to.

I’ve always liked Caravan. Their album titles often appealed to the juvenile me and still make the aging me smile so they have that. They always seemed a little less elitist with their prog leanings than some other progsters. Again that may have been the obvious sense of humor.

It’s also good on headphones.

7 thoughts on “you just smiled and gently shook your head…

  1. A great album that I discovered much later on, as Caravan did not make inroads in my teen years among me and my prog-crazy friends in America. I don’t on what basis anyone could call this release “Unofficial.” It was the first of three albums they made for Deram Records, hardly a fly-by-night operation. Sometimes I think these “experts” are too smart for their own good. But I would be interrested in hearing why they think that.

    1. This is re-release on Klimt records, a german company. They were notorious for not getting licenses before releasing discs apparently, sounds great though and it’s pretty. Record collecting has become a poseur world right now.

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