remember to let the dogs out…

In my head I write these massive posts explaining what is going on in my head. The many small and meaningless thoughts I have driving from one place to the next to keep people going in social services for just one more day.

On Fridays I drive home past the perpetual Trump rally. Their flags and the beer bellies screaming. Their misogyny and hatred. It’s a he last thing I see on my way home each week.

I’ve figured out how to anger the massive pick up driving idiots on the way home. The answer is to drive the speed limit. Yesterday it was foggy, visibility was low and the idiot behind me was tail gating and flashing his lights. So I stuck to the speed limit, I could almost see the rage in his eyes in my rear view mirror. I checked out the local Facebook page and there it was “f@&k you the driver of the jeep who made me drive 55 for four miles tonight”. A nice description of my jeep. Go figure speed limits 55.

Which brings me to this.

Wayne and the boys explaining in view point of the American Head. It’s a much more tranquil place than the roads home right now.

Sound like Neil Young joined Pink Floyd at times which is not a bad thing and kind of the most endearing quality of the best Flaming Lips albums.

Brother Eye is my favorite this evening.

3 thoughts on “remember to let the dogs out…

  1. I read somewhere their first album of the new decade can be counted on. 90s In A Priest Driven Ambulance, 00s Yoshimi, 10’s The Terror, 20’s American Head. It’s a strong argument.

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