we’re born to erase all of your days…

I’ve been playing Cowboy today. The neighbors cows jumped the fence so it was a case of wrangling cows and then fixing fences.

Luckily these are the aging hippy neighbors so we had a fun morning drinking coffee watching their two granddaughters entice the two cows and bull home through the fence. It’s about this time I should drag out Triad by then Airplane.

They were pretty looking cows for sure. Made for an entertaining MLK day.

I was planning on weeding the garden beds to get ready for the spring. I know it’s a long way off but one has to be prepared after all. Also putting new bark in the paths between the beds as well. Cow wrangling got in the way of that. Then fence repair.

I was also going to start figuring out where the chickens should go prior to building the coop/hutch chicken shack whatever it will be called.

None of that got done as I cleared brush along the fence line and put the temporary fix in place. Good job I had some spare fence wire laying around like a good aging hippy farmer.

This led me to that most bucolic of industrial bands, Hawkwind. This is not necessarily a surprise to those they know me. Such an urban band that have at some point instilled a more rural world to their aging listeners.

This led me to my Hawkwind, the strange eighties Hawkwind where they were either searching for an identity at times or maybe cashing in. Who knows but occasionally Lemmy was back for an hour then he was gone as was Nik.

So I sat here in the semi gloom of the night listening to Independant Days Vol 1 and 2 which is far from essential but covers everything from the earliest EP with Kiss of the Velvet Whip to the ludicrous Night Of the Hawks

Yes there are better versions available of just about every song here, and this was such a great set of releases when they first came out and I was eager for anything. Let’s face it I even blunt the Bring Me The Head Of Yuri Gagarin release.

The whole point was a walk down memory lane to a time of free festivals, pyramid stages on scaffolding and dodgy geezers with dogs taking care of wayward teenagers that turn out to be Nik Turner.

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