counting out the stops, missing mine…

Field Music are fast becoming my favorite band. At least for this moment. I am really enjoying the progressive nature of their pop music. Yes at times it reminds me of XTC or Todd Rundgren but there is also a freshness. It’s the joy of discovering something new. Yes I know they’ve been around for awhile.

We all had tickets for them once. We missed the gig as we had to rush back to the UK for a health emergency. I heard it was a great gig.

It’s unashamedly pop music. An art form in my later teenage years I would never admit to enjoying.

3 thoughts on “counting out the stops, missing mine…

  1. Yes, I was too cool for school too, with an endless list of bands I held in disdain–mostly 70s rock bands along the lines of CCR. Now my son loves all of those bands. I need to control my reflexive action to dismiss them as lame. I’ve gotten to like some of those songs very much. Best example is Radar Love. That one rocks.

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