nodding off…

It’s been a long warm day, well it got warm it was downright cold this morning.

I’ve managed to drive the tractor and cut things up with chainsaws today and had further thoughts bout chickens like when should we get them, should we even get them, where would they go and other types of thoughts.

It must be time for Ozric Tentacles as the evening mellows into the night time, flutes, guitars, bass and those synths. Every now and then however I do want some words, although they may just ruin everything.

As usual at some point while listening to this I achieved an altered state and thought I was somewhere in the early 90’s with all my hair again and able to dance feverishly for hours, then I woke up and my back was hurting.

6 thoughts on “nodding off…

      1. Oh yes, of course. I have a co-worker who did just that a couple of years ago. She started with three chickens. I asked what their names were and they were not named Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Odd, that. LOL

  1. Definitely get chickens, is my advice, they can be a pain to look after but you can’t beat having your own source of eggs. I would never be without.

    Play Ozrics to your chickens and see what shape the eggs are ..

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