we see the cracks under the foundation…

It’s a new year and what to do? It’s traditionally a time of reflection, redirection and commitment. A review of the ruts we may have gotten ourselves in.

I’ve bought a lot of records over the last year and managed to listen to most of them over time. A lot of them where replacements or sidetracks down familiar pathways. Not exactly challenging. I completed some discography’s out of some sort of completist desire not necessarily because I needed the records.

Maybe there’s a need for greater focus or maybe I just need to continue to meander my way through my own musical and life journey?

Lankum’s Cold Old Fire was the first record played this year. It’s a collection of traditional Irish songs and two originals. Many a lament and raucous instrumental medley to welcome the new year in. Songs of hunger and joy and pain and drinking and sadness about drinking and prostitution and the cumulative sadness and joy of life. It’s the sum of things and the honesty of the voices blended together along with ethereal drones and the fiddles and whistles. It’s an immense sound made with acoustic instruments. A good start to the year that is only 12 hours old.

Perhaps only buying new material released this year. In which case research will have to be done, or advice sought.

Maybe taking the time to delve into those discographies.

Maybe working my way through the collection, thinning it out. Do I really need all those Chicago albums? The answer is usually no until the moment of selling them.

The sublime to the ridiculous on some level, from songs of hardship and worldliness to Disco Dead from the most privileged band in the recorded universe. It’s not as bad as I remembered, although the BeeGee’s inspired title song is a struggle as is the occasional descent to yacht rock at times. I am not sure how the Dead and Lowell George managed to miss the mark so completely.

This is a good example of the problem though, now I only need one more record to complete the Dead studio discography, I have no hope or desire of achieving the complete live discography, I am happy with the boots.

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